Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

Do you find yourself wondering or feeling like something is missing from your life or that there is something more you desire to know, but are not quite sure what it is?   Breathe deeply and receive the gift waiting for you here in this now moment.

Passionately You™ honors each individual as they journey into their own spiritual awakening. It lovingly guides, supports and empowers all who are on this path of self discovery to learn how to become their own best friend from within and invites you now to open to remembering who you really are and why you are here.

Individuals are encouraged to continue stepping beyond and to open to “what is yet to be discovered” in each moment. The use of the Conscious Breath and the Divine Imagination gently releases fears, blocks, and limitations allowing one to return to self-love and self-trust while discovering inner personal truths that open the flow of heart passion. The journey of spiritual awakening can become a grand adventure of joy and playfulness through taking compassionate, loving steps into the grandness of the Authentic Soul Self while reconnecting with all that is. It is about integrating all of who you are while opening to the unknown and unspoken of your soul essence; blossoming into the grandest creator of your life as a Spiritual Artist. Passionately You™ inspires you to freely live, express, and experience life fully as a divine human consciously creating with your soul passion.

Welcome Home
To the most important person in your life:

With love and blessings,
Mother Mary