A session is a special time of self-care set aside just for you. Andrea Porter along with the loving support of  Kuthumi Lal Singh, Adamus-St. Germain, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and the Life Design Angels provide a loving safe space so that you can open to more of your true self with ease and grace.  A session presents you with the opportunity to breathe, clear blocked energy, and gently step beyond personal limitation to discover the grander truth of what you truly desire in your life.  The Imagination Journey, Life Design, and Heart Design Business sessions can  be done by phone or in person.  Please contact Andrea Porter to schedule an appointment.

Imagination Journey Session – $100.00

This is a forty-five minute session focusing on one problem, question, or idea of your choice.  An Imagination Journey provides the opportunity for you to experience transformation in your life with ease, grace, and in a new way.  Together we will utilize the Divine Imagination to move energy, release blocks, and open to new potentials to bring forth more of your authentic truth.

Life Design Personal Session- $150.00

In this one hour session you have the opportunity to ask questions about whatever you desire.  The time will be spent talking, breathing, moving energy, and opening to more of you.  Andrea suggests you write down your questions before the session to make the most of your time.  This is your special time to spend however you choose.

Heart Design Business Session- $200.00

Are you thinking of starting a new business, uncertain of your next step with your current business, need help with a business decision, or desire to move your business into a new energy flow?  A business operating in the new energy is filled with passion, joy, new potentials, and has a beautiful natural energy flow.  It is based on Heart Design and not the traditional business formula.  This hour and a half session is for individuals who are seeking guidance related to business issues and who are open to a new way of discovering their answer for designing their business.

Contact Andrea

to schedule a session by phone or in person.