The following are opportunities for you to connect with yourself in a new and compassionate way.  Each one offers you the experience of opening, expanding, and going beyond.  You will be encouraged to explore your grander truth within to discover how to become a fully integrated divine human and conscious creator of your life in a new way.


A session is a special time of self-care set aside just for you.  Andrea Porter along with the loving support of Kuthumi Lal Singh, Adamus-St. Germain, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and the Life Design Angels provide a loving safe space so that you can open to more of your true self with ease and grace.  A session presents the opportunity for you to breathe and clear blocked energy while gently stepping beyond personal limitations to discover the grander truth of you and what you truly desire in your life.


Workshops are truly a loving a gift from your soul essence to you.   They offer the opportunity to compassionately develop a deeper relationship with yourself, discover and expand your Divine Imagination, and to learn how to live as an “I Am” Life Designer.  These interactive group workshops teach you how to breathe consciously, connect with your soul essence, open to your soul passion, and learn to be a conscious creator bringing  in new energy potentials without limitation.