Conscious Breath

Conscious breathing is about opening to your breath of God within to become fully alive. It is remembering how to breathe naturally, deeply, and allowing your soul esence energy of loving compassion to flow throughout all of you, breath after breath. Each Conscious Breath tells your physical being that you truly desire to live in a new way. Your soul breath supports, loves, and honors you in the moment no matter what may be occurring in or around you. It allows you to consciously become aware of the flow and essence of your Divine Spirit connection in a new way. The Conscious Breath is simple, easy and focuses on being with you in the present moment connecting you with your angelic soul essence. Conscious breathing brings you home into your truth within to discover more of you.

In the beginning spend at least five minutes several times a day breathing your Conscious Soul Breath.

1. Find a quiet place and get in a comfortable position. It may be on the floor, a couch, chair or a bed.  You may even choose to cover yourself with a light blanket.

2. Relax and uncross your legs and/or arms. This takes tension out of the body and allows the soul conscious breath energy to flow easily throughout your body.

3. Take a gentle slow breath in through your nose while allowing your belly to rise and then slowly fall as you exhale through the nose. It may be helpful to count slowly to four as you breathe in and count slowly to four as you breathe out or place your hand on your belly and feel the movement as you breathe.

4.  Notice how your breath feels and flows in through all parts of your body as you continue to breathe in and out of your nose.  Feel and sense, becoming aware of the rhythm of your breath.  Does it seem to catch anywhere or do you feel any physical discomfort in your body?

5. Notice as you continue to consciously breathe that your body begins to gently release and let go of tension.

6. When you notice your mind jumping in and taking over with mental chatter, bring your attention back to breathing deeply and consciously by placing your hand on your belly and feeling the rise and fall with each breath in and out.

7. Allow each breath to connect you deeper and deeper with your angelic soul essence. Feel how lovingly your essence flows like a gentle river, filling you with the exquisiteness of the grandness of you.

The Conscious Breath can be used anytime, anywhere and over time will become your natural way of breathing.  It will change you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in an instant. Experiment with using it while standing in a check out line, sitting at a stop light, in tense situations, during a break at work or even while sitting and talking with family or friends. Choose now to breathe the Conscious Breath of life again and again allowing it to become a natural part of your life.