Divine Imagination

Divine Imagination is your creative intelligence. It is a vital part of you that has been shut down for a long, long time and is a grand natural gift ready to be re-discovered.  Divine Imagination is a beautiful dream like state filled with feelings, colors, reactions, consequences, directions, solutions, new potentials, and potentials within potentials. It is your divine imagination and a playground for your creations.

You have always been a creator, a spiritual artist, now it is time to remember that you are the creator of your life. The Divine Imagination can only be connected through feeling and not through the mind. It is about trusting and allowing all of you to creatively express once more without holding back.  In the expanded now moment your imagination comes to you. Imagining is allowing you to soar, to fly, to view and to try on many different potentials before choosing what you want in your life. Experiencing the Divine Imagination is where miracles occur.

You have experienced tiny parts of the Divine Imagination as a child when creatively playing, and at any age through daydreaming or night time dreams. Think of a time when you woke up after a night’s sleep and had a grand new idea or an unexpected solution to a situation in your life. You had tapped into the creative birthing or crystalline realm while you were dreaming. This is where all of you–body, mind, spirit and feeling can operate together. Learning how to connect with your Divine Imagination allows you to visit the crystalline realm anytime and not just in your dreams at night.  Imagination Journeys begin the process of reconnecting you with your Divine Imagination, your creator abilities and opening to more of you.